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Second three films


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Austin W Woodall

This little girl lives a life marginalized from normal life. Forced to act differently than others. This is a great film for the idea that children's lives are defined by adults because this little girl has been marginalized due to the actions of her mother. These families all live marginalized from normal life. They are stuck in a poverty stricken hotel and live much differently.


The film shows marginalization for children by showing that they have no other choice than to live how they are brought up. It also shows that they are taken advantage of because many peoples weak spots are children. The film shows how the children are living in a world that is defined by adults by the fact they have no other choice, children are so young and have so much to learn that they will listen to anyone. Families that are on the margins such as Hayley, she is stuck in a world where it extremely hard to get out of and is then marginalized or that, forcing her to continue what she's doing, such as selling her body.

Sadee McClendon

The children in this film are marginalized because of their low social status. They are living at the hotel because their families are in poverty and cannot afford to have a house. Their families are not seen as societal norm because of their inability to have “normal” things like a house and other luxuries. They are especially marginalized because they are living in an area that is more catered to tourists and not longtime residences, so they are surrounded by people of a higher social status.

Taylor Seufferheld

In response to how children living in a world defined by adults in regards to this movie, I think Moonee's world is largely undefined by adults. At least from a viewers perspective the only time we see an adult taking direct control over Moonee is when DCFS shows up to take her away. she does have adult figures in her life like Halley and Bobby but Halley isn't really equipped to take care of Moonee and Bobby is the hotel manager. I think it's fair to say that Bobby does care for Moonee in some sense but it's not his role to provide and take care of her.

Precious Taufetee

Moone and the other children showed an example of marginalization in different ways. For example in Moone's case she was an example of being marginalized because growing up she had no rules. She did what most kids could never do, like walking miles and miles away from her home to other places without adult supervision. But a major factor that lead to Moone's reckless behavior was her hard upbringing because her mother, Hailey was unfit and couldn't raise her and they were living in a run down hotel.

Rylan Blair

Moone is very marginalized as a child in her ability in the beginning as she really has no parent guiding her through her day or giving her day order. Also not growing up with a permanent home and always moving around keeps her on the outside of what a typical Childs life looks like. This also adds to the family being marginalized with no steady income from Halley and no sense of a home to raise Moone in.

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